Self-Deprecation is Damaging and Can Harm Your Mental Health

Jo Emerson, a confidence coach, told that if you’re using self-deprecation as a way to get compliments, then there are healthier ways of boosting your confidence.
“It would be much cleaner and healthier to say, ‘I’m feeling pretty vulnerable and stupid right now – help!’” Jo suggests. Relying too much on self-deprecation can lead to such mental health struggles as depression and anxiety.

Emerson stresses that there’s a difference between modesty and self-deprecation – modesty is admitting that there are some things you’re not good at, while accepting that those are balanced out by the things you are good at. “True modesty leaves the receiver feeling peaceful,” Jo explains, “whereas self-deprecation tends to leave the receiver feeling burdened to prop up the self-deprecator.”

Smart advice. Read the full article here.

Adam Wahlberg

Adam Wahlberg

Founder of Think Piece Publishing