I Spent a Month Using Painting as Therapy

We were delighted by a piece Kenya Foy wrote for Apartment Therapy about using painting as therapy. She comes to some interesting conclusions. In her piece she writes about how she’s learned how to prioritize her needs. “I didn’t expect my struggles with painting to prompt such intense self-analysis, but I realized that due to some of my more emotionally stable winters, I harbored an irresponsible belief that I would be OK without making a huge fuss over myself this month. That begs the question: What exactly is wrong with making a huge fuss over yourself, especially when you really need the extra attention just to keep yourself afloat? The answer to that question is absolutely nothing, which is something I’ve learned the hard way this month. Moving forward, I have no choice but to give myself a little extra wiggle room and compassion, because what I thought I was doing to take care of myself really wasn’t as much as I (or anyone else struggling around this time of year) deserve.”

She writes about how winters can trigger seasonal-affective disorder in her, which leads to mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.

She reports some progress. “The area in which I was a total success is learning to not to be so rigid with myself this time of year. When I started this resolutions project, I hoped to learn to relax a little and go with the flow—be less judgmental of myself—and I think the fact that I shared my drawings with the public is evidence of some huge personal growth.”

She plans to keep going. “I totally intend to keep up the painting. I would love to say I will paint every single day, but overcommitting myself is a serious issue that I need to reign in, so a more comfortable plan is to paint at least once a week, and put in some extra effort to center myself by picking up the brush or doing something else creative when I’m feeling especially blah.”

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Adam Wahlberg

Adam Wahlberg

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