Talking To a Therapist Can Rewire Your Brain

Cropped image of depressed man at the psychotherapist. Doctor is making notes while listening to his patient

If you can change the way you think, you can change your brain. That’s the upshot of a new study, which finds that challenging unhealthy thought patterns with the help of a therapist can lead to measurable changes in brain activity, as reported in an article in Huffington Post.

In the study, psychologists at King’s College London show that cognitive behavioral therapy strengthens certain healthy brain connections in patients with psychosis. This heightened connectivity was associated with long-term reductions in psychotic symptoms.

“Over six months of therapy, we found that connections between certain key brain regions became stronger,” Dr. Liam Mason, a clinical psychologist at King’s College and the study’s lead author, told The Huffington Post in an email. “What we are really excited about here is that these stronger connections lead to long-term improvements in people’s symptoms and overall recovery across the eight years that we followed them up.”

In rewriting their deeply-ingrained thought patterns, it seems that patients also quite literally rewire their brains, and help them treat such mental health conditions as depression and anxiety.

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Adam Wahlberg

Adam Wahlberg

Founder of Think Piece Publishing